Sunday, December 14, 2014

Starting Social Media

Well, I admit I'm not a new author -- I've been publishing under another name since 2010 -- and I've tried a lot of things with social media. I was fascinated to discover that when I stopped promoting my books, the amazon sales stayed about the same. I was like, what's up with that? There's got to be a better way, kids and kittens…

Now here I am. I have some of the same things my previous online face had -- an author page on Facebook, a personal page on Facebook, and now a twitter handle @MJPostAuthor. As who else I am, I have an author website, but as MJ I have this blog, sharing my thoughts and stuff. Being a self-published author can be an adventure or a drag, depending upon how it's going and how much your social media interferes with writing. Right now as I put these words down, I'm longing to get going on my first solo book as MJ, but I just have to get some thoughts onto this blog first. Got to get the message out. But what's the message?

As MJ, I want to tell stories about strong women of various ages who overcome their problems and obstacles and pair with men who treat them with the respect you deserve. Sometimes they'll lean in, and sometimes they'll just want to be girls, but one way another, they will triumph. I hope you all enjoy the stories I plan to create for you.

What's next for this blog? I'll keep putting my thoughts for now, and later on, I'll start to bring in some guests. We writers have to stick together after all!

So what's next for the MJ Post brand? I think something set in New York, and with artists in it. In fact, I'll go work on that now.



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