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 MJ:  Women writers are great role models for anyone who aspires to tell stories with words! Here, Jean Joachim will tell us about some who inspired her.  (For me, it's Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, but who's checking?) Remember, ladies, if you want to write about a woman who inspires you, just email me at and we'll make it happen together!! Okay, Jean, take it away!!

Jean writes:

Did I always want to be a writer? As long back as I can remember, and I was always a big reader. The first author who made a big impression on me was Louisa May Alcott. Little Women was one of the first books I owned. And I read it over and over and over again. The writing was so real, or at least that’s what I thought life was like back then. The girls became book-friends to me. I laughed at the funny parts and wept from my heart at the sad parts.
Louisa May Alcott

I was outraged when the rich aunt refused to take Jo to Europe. I stomped my foot and grumped around the house, hating Amy all the more when she ended up with, not only the fabulous trip, but also the Laurie’s heart. 

The book taught so much about life while it entertained me. Louisa May Alcott became my gold standard – and she wrote at a time when it was frowned on for a woman to write. I aspired to write a book with as much heart, soul and morality as hers. After 27 books, I’m still striving to write one as good as Little Women. 

The next big female writing influence in my life was Carolyn Keene. I read every Nancy Drew I could put my hands on. I devoured each page, nonstop, I could not put her books down. Yes I admired Carolyn Keene, but I would have preferred to be Nancy Drew. She’s responsible for my love of mysteries, and the strains of suspense that run through some of my romance novels. Her influence may also be responsible for the two romantic suspense books I wrote with Ben Tanner. 

There are so many excellent women writers today, it’s hard to single out any without slighting many. In the mystery field, Sue Grafton, P.D. James and Agatha Christie stand out. In romance? I’d have to say there are a dozen of my fellow authors at Secret Cravings whose work I gobble up, as soon as it’s published, like a starving dog.  

Writing, editing, rewriting and reading are my life. I strive to make my reader feel emotion, and to suck my reader in on the first paragraph, the first sentence. There are so many hurdles, so many milestones, weaknesses to conquer in writing. I love the challenge. 
Here's Jean!

I live in Manhattan with my husband and pug, Homer. I have two sons who are grown and on their own. I write series books. My first sports romance series, First & Ten, is debuting in February. The kickoff book is Griff Montgomery, quarterback.   

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