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G.Y.E. = way cool!

Georgina Young-Ellis is one of my best buddies in the business (under my other author name) -- she's a bestselling author, a talented actress, an awesome wife and mom, and a graceful swing dancer -- so I want to thank her heartily for helping me to get this blog going with the good news about her having a GRRRREAT mom. Learn about a tireless worker for charity in a long family tradition of community service.


Here's Georgina:

It’s almost a cliché to say my mom is the woman I admire most, but it’s entirely true. My mom, Patricia A. Young, has been devoted to charity work nearly her whole life, a pursuit that I believe was inspired by her mother, Dorothy Kephart, a social worker who strived to help immigrant refugees during and after World War II. Even while my mother was working full time to help support her family, she was volunteering for charitable organizations, especially those with a bent toward literacy advocacy. For the last twenty years or so (she is now 82), she has been a leader in Altrusa International, a business woman’s service organization, and a major promoter of world literacy. Their focus is to raise money not only to buy and donate books, but to support other organizations that promote learning and the joy of reading for adults and children. How perfect for the mother of a writer! Not only that but my mother is a tireless leader in the Tucson Symphony Women’s Association, a group that raises money toward helping provide music education for all, and to help young people in particular learn about music and to play instruments. My mother has always encouraged me help the poor, hungry, needy, and disenfranchised, and I have always tried to do so whenever possible. She is strong, energetic, loving, and purposeful. She is my inspiration and my best friend. 

Georgina's a reader-friendly author. Check out her social media links:

Her eclectic nerd-girls and time travellers blog: 
And with her husband, multi-talented Jonathan Ellis at:

Learn more about Georgina's writing. She has a new publisher, too!

The Time Mistress Series is a romantic time-travel trilogy spiced with adventure. Titles include The Time Baroness, set in Jane Austen’s England; The Time Heiress, staged in pre-Civil War New York City; and The Time Contessa, a journey to Renaissance Italy. This triumvirate is soon to expand though, with the addition of The Time Duchess, an adventure in Elizabethan London, to be released spring, 2015.


At February 1, 2015 at 8:31 AM , Blogger Mysti said...

What an awesome mom! You're so lucky to have her, and all the people she has helped over the years have been lucky too :) Definitely an inspiration. ~Mysti Parker

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